Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do Nothing On Which You Cannot Pray For A Blessing

Samuel Annesley, "How May We Be Universally and Exactly Conscientious?" in Puritan Sermons, Vol. 1, pp. 35-36:

3. Do nothing on which you cannot pray for a blessing. -- Where prayer doth not lead, repentance must follow; and it is a desperate adventure to sin upon hopes of repentance. Every action, and cessation too, of a Christian that is good and not to be refused, "is sanctified by the word and prayer." (1 Tim. iv. 4, 5.) It becomes not a Christian to do any thing so trivial, (Eph. v. 1-4,) that he cannot pray over it; and if he would but bestow a serious ejaculatory prayer upon every occurrent action, he would find that such a prayer would cut off all things sinful, demur all things doubtful, and encourage all things lawful. Therefore, do nothing but what you can preface with prayer.

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