Saturday, January 31, 2009

God is a Faithful Friend

Obadiah Sedgwick, The Shepherd of Israel, or God's Pastoral Care over His People. Delivered in Divers Sermons on the Whole Twenty-Third Psalm (1658), p. 200 (re Ps. 23.4) (spelling modernized):

As God is a Kind friend, so he is a Faithful friend; a friend loves at all times, said Solomon: God is such a friend who loves not by fits and starts, but sincerely an stedfastly; and therefore though Davids friends fall off, and parents forsook him, yet God did not, he took him up, Psal. 27.10. And though when Paul was brought before Nero, all men forsook him, yet the Lord stood with him and strengthened him, 2 Tim. 4.16, 17.

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