Friday, February 13, 2009

Henry Cooke and the Psalms: A Pilgrimage

Henry Cooke, Irish Presbyterian (1788-1868) was a prominent minister of his day, famous for his notes to John Brown of Haddington's Self-Interpreting Bible, among other works. He once published a collection of hymns with the perspective that it was wrong to limit song in worship to only the Psalms, but later repudiated this position and came to adhere to the position of exclusive psalmody, even writing a preface to a reprint of The True Psalmody in which he defended exclusive psalmody. That preface is worth reading because it includes a personal account as well as a theological reckoning of his pilgrimage on this issue.


  1. Thanks for this, Andrew.
    Likewise your comments on the rebuttal of Needham's take on the WCF at RPV. If I find out anything on the WCF 21st Century Vol. 3 I'll let you know.
    Bob Suden

  2. You are very welcome, Bob, and thanks much for that!