Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Summa Controversiarum Religionis

It is not exactly "news" but there is a great work available to read online on Google Books for those who read Latin. The magnum opus of Johannes Hoornbeek, Dutch Puritan, was his Summa Controversiarum Religionis; Cum Infidelibus, Hæreticis, Schismaticis: Id Est, Gentilibus, Judæis, Muhammedanis; Papistis, Anabaptistis, Enthusiastis et Libertinis, Socinianis; Remonstrantibus, Lutheranis, Brouvnistis, Græcis (originally published 1653, this version is dated 1658), a massive (over 1000 pages) compendium of polemical divinity that dealt with a diverse range of theological issues from heresies to missions to the Jews and Muslims. It is a classic of Reformed literature, and it is to be hoped that one day English readers may peruse it in translation one day.

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