Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boast Not Against the Branches

Wilhelmus à Brakel, The Christian's Reasonable Service, Vol. 4, p. 534:

Do not despise the Jewish nation. "Boast not against the branches" (Rom. 11:18), the natural branches of that olive tree into which you, as branches of a wild olive tree, have been grafted contrary to nature. "Be not highminded, but fear" (Rom. 11:20). 1) They have received more than enough contempt from the unconverted. 2) They are in one and the same covenant with Abraham, their father. 3) "They are beloved for the fathers' sakes" (Rom. 11:28). Therefore, let there be the love of benevolence toward them. They are the children of the covenant (Acts 3:25). 4) They will once be converted and be a glorious and holy people above all the nations one the face of the earth. Therefore, esteem, honor, and love them.

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