Monday, June 29, 2009

Plimoth Plantation Worship Services

Plimoth Plantation has introduced a new half-hour educational program which will last through the summer of 2009 whereby visitors may learn about worship services as they would have been conducted by the Pilgrims during the 1620s.

The announcement reports:

Become part of the congregation, as guests are encouraged to follow the drumbeat to the Fort/Meetinghouse, for this brand new half-hour program providing visitors with a brief representation of early colonial worship in Plimoth Colony.

Led by Elder Brewster, this program is offered every Sunday and Thursday throughout summer. Plimoth Plantation colonial interpreters, assisted by contemporary museum guides, will provide a unique living history experience. Discover the distinctive features of worship practiced, and required in the 1620s; experience psalm-singing from the Ainsworth Psalter, and hear a short reading from the preferred “Geneva Bible.” Questions about the early Plimoth church are always welcome at these interactive services…and listen closely to the murmurs in the English Village; you might be surprised to hear that some families have been banished in the midst of doctrinal controversy and not everyone in Plimoth Colony shares the same religious views of religious reformation.

FREE with museum admission.

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