Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sabbath Day Wishes

George Swinnock, "A good wish about the Lord's-day, wherein the former heads are epitomised," in The Christian Man's Calling, The Works of George Swinnock, Vol. 1, pp. 255-256:

The first day of the week being of divine institution, and baptized by God himself with that honourable name of the Lord's-day, partly in regard of its author, 'This is the day which the Lord hath made;' partly in regard of the blessed Redeemer, who rose that day, and triumphed over the grave, the devil, the curse of the law, and hell; it being a day sanctified for the glory of my Saviour, of which I may say as of Jacob,' The Lord hath chosen it to himself for his peculiar treasure,' Ps. cxxxv. 4, and a day set apart for the spiritual and eternal good of my precious soul, wherein I may enjoy communion with my God in all his ordinances, without interruption, I wish, in general, that as the Spirit may be in me in the week-days, so that I may be in the Spirit on the Lord's-day, filled therewith, and enabled thereby to have my conversation all the day long in heaven. Oh that my care in fitting my soul for it, my holy carriage at it, and my suitable conversation after it, may testify that I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness; and that I esteem one day in his courts better than a thousand elsewhere. I wish, in particular, that I may prepare for it as for a wedding-day, wherein Christ and my soul are to be espoused together; and to that end, before it cometh, may be careful so to order my earthly affairs, that they may not encroach upon this holy ground ; and so open the door of my heart, and adorn it with spiritual excellencies, that the King of glory may enter in, and think himself a welcome guest in my soul. Oh that I might never give my God cause to complain of me, as once of the Jews, ' Your Sabbaths and solemn feasts I cannot away with, for your hands are defiled.' As Nehemiah shut the gates of the city, that no burdens might be carried in on the Sabbath-day, so let me secure the gate of my heart, that no worldly things may disturb me in Sabbath duties. Oh let me not, like Martha, be careful and troubled about many things, but on this day especially sit at Christ's feet, mind the one thing necessary, and choose the good part which shall never be taken from me. I wish that I may long more for it than ever a bridegroom did for his bride; that when it is come in, I may bid it heartily welcome, and that as my Saviour rose early that morning to justify me, so I may rise early on this day to glorify him.

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