Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanish Psalter

Plans have been announced to publish, Lord willing, a complete Spanish metrical psalter for the first time ever. The message below provides important details (HT: Ruben Zartman).

We are witnessing an historic breakthrough for Spanish-language churches. The entirety of the Psalter has been put into Spanish, in metrical form, and set to the Genevan tunes which have been used in many Reformed churches since the Reformation.

One of the primary publishers in the United States for Reformed literature in Spanish is now preparing to go to press with an edition of this Psalter. But there is need for funds to underwrite this undertaking.

The translation was made by Rev. Jorge Ruiz Ortiz, who has a doctorate in theology, and is pastor of the Iglesia Cristiana Presbiteriana, in Miranda de Ebro, Spain. The publisher is Publicaciones Faro de Gracia, directed by Rev. Wayne Anderson, of North Carolina (Welcome to Faro de Gracia).

There was a frustrated effort to produce a Spanish metrical Psalter at the time of the Reformation, but this is now apparently the first time that Protestant churches will have this treasure for use in the worship of God.

We are writing to enlist your aid in making this publication a reality. The publishers would like to issue the work in 2010. A minimum of $3500 is required in order to go to press. The money could be raised through donations, or through pre-publication orders.

The price after publication will be $11.95, but the Psalter is being offered at a pre-publication price of $6.95 on orders of twenty-five or more copies paid for in advance.

The Psalter will have a kiver vinyl cover. It will include Calvin’s preface to the Psalter, and hopefully the Genevan tunes will also be given.

Please consider contributing to the publication of this very important work. It will greatly assist the further reformation of the Spanish-language church. Please pass this along to others who may be interested in helping.

Payment and donations should be sent to:

Publicaciones Faro de Gracia
P.O. Box 1043
Graham, NC 27253

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