Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Continuators Continued (Part 4)

This is the conclusion (for now) of a series on the continuators of certain Puritan works.

Richard Stock's commentary on Malachi was published 15 years after his death and supplemented by Samuel Torshell (1605-1650).

Abraham Hellenbroek's Catechism

Abraham Hellenbroek's (1658-1731) catechism entitled A Specimen of Divine Truths was expanded after his death to include an introduction to students on how to profit from catechism class, a chapter on the counsel of peace, and a compendium of the principal doctrinal errors of those outside the Reformed Faith. The expanded edition is sometimes referred to the "big Hellenbroek." I am uncertain as to the identity of the editor(s) involved.

G.A. Henty's Last Novel

G.A. Henty died while in the midst of writing his last novel, By Conduct and Courage, which was completed by his son Captain C.G. Henty.

Sebastian Benefield's Commentary on Amos

Sebastian Benefield wrote a commentary on Amos 1-3, the last portion of which was published in 1629, before he died in 1630. Thomas Hall supplemented this with a commentary on Amos 4-9.

Martin Chemnitz's Commentary on the Harmony of the Gospels

Martin Chemnitz began a commentary on the harmony of the Gospels which was continued by Polycarp Leyser the Elder (1552-1610), and completed by Johann Gerhard.

The Huguenot Psalter

Metrical versions of 52 Psalms were completed by Clément Marot by the time of his death in 1544. The remaining versified Psalms in the Huguenot Psalter were completed by 1562 largely, if not exclusively, by Theodore Beza.

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