Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spiritual Paradise

Thomas Watson, A Christian on Earth Still in Heaven (Appendix to the Former Discourse: A Christian on the Mount), in The Sermons of Thomas Watson, p. 273:

The scripture is a spiritual paradise, the book of Psalms is placed as the tree of life in the midst of this paradise; the Psalms are not only for delight, but usefulness; they are like the pomegranate tree which is not only for savour, but fruit; or like those trees of the sanctuary, Ezek. xlvii.12 both for food and medicine. The Psalms are enriched with variety, and suited to every christian's estate and condition. They are a spiritual panoply and store-house; if he find his heart dead, here he may fetch fire; if he be weak in grace, here he may fetch armour; if he be ready to faint, here are cordials lying by. There is no condition you can name but there is a Psalm suited to that condition.

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