Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Summer Sabbath Morning

John Willison, "How to Spend the Morning of the Lord's Day," in A Treatise Concerning the Sanctification of the Lord's Day, pp. 170-172:

When you awake on Sabbath morning, rejoice at the approach of this blessed day: As the birds chirp and sing at the dawning of the morning's light, so let believers account the light of this day sweet, as being a day of signal mercies, a day of communion with God, a day wherein the Spirit's dews fall upon the soul. As "Abraham rejoiced to see Christ's day," John viii. 56. so ought you this morning, saying with the Psalmist, Psal. cxviii. 24. "This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."
If it is a summer morning, when the sun may be up and shining when thou awakest, then think, Christ the light of the world rose early this morning from the dark grave, wherein he lay buried for my sake. "The Sun of righteousness was up this day before the natural sun." Or, think, this is the day wherein God said, "Let there be light, and it was so." Is the light so sweet and is it so pleasant a thing for the eyes to behold the sun? O how much more to see Christ the bright Morning-Star this day by the eye of faith, to see the Sun of righteousness shining in the firmament of gospel ordinances! Let me rise and prepare for this sight; O that my eyes may be cleared, and the mote taken out of the eye of faith, that I may this day see him, in comparison of whom the sun is but a dark clod of earth! O my soul, rise from the earth this day, get the moon under thy feet, and clothe thyself with the Sun; draw nigh to God in Christ, and set thy affections on things above: thou art capable of communion with God, do not debase thyself in raking always in the dunghill of this world, in licking the dust with the serpent, or feeding on husks with the swine, as if thou hadst no higher end to serve than the world. Why wilt thou lie among the pots, and wallow in the puddle, when crystal streams are so near?


  1. What a beautiful excerpt to meditate on this lovely, sunny Lord's Day morning. Thanks for sharing that....Ginny

  2. You are very welcome, Ginny. God bless you and yours!