Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love Makes All Things Easy

Thomas Watson, A Body of Practical Divinity Contained in Sermons Upon the Assembly's Catechism, pp. 229, 278:

Love is like oil to the wheels, it quickens us in God's service....But love oils the wheels, it makes duty a pleasure.

William Bridge, Christ and the Covenant, the Work and Way of Meditation, God's Return to the Soul or Nation, Together With His Preventing Mercy: In Ten Sermons, "Sermon 7. The Sweetness and Profitableness of Divine Meditation," in The Works of William Bridge, Vol. 3, p. 136:

Every thing is hard at the first: writing is hard at the first, painting is hard at the first, and the getting languages hard at the first. A trade is hard at the first. So certainly the work of meditation will be hard at the first. There is nothing not hard to those that are unwilling. There is nothing hard to those that love, love makes all things easy. Is it an hard thing for a lover to think or meditate on the person loved?

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