Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer

Dr. Ligon Duncan, Dan Arnold and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals have collaborated to launch a new website dedicated to making Matthew Henry's classic treatise A Method for Prayer more accessible to 21st century readers. The text is based on the 1994 edition prepared by Dr. Duncan and employs ESV Bible language references, although other versions such as the KJV are to be incorporated into the text in the future, and foreign translations of this work are anticipated as well. There are also options to read the text in corporate ("we") or personal ("I") language as well depending upon one's preference. One may sign up for daily Method for Prayer emails as well. These and other features are available or planned. All in all, this is a valuable new resource for those striving to improve upon their prayers employing the wisdom contained within this Puritan classic on the subject. Thanks for all concerned for their labors in this noble work. Be sure to visit this worthy website!