Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puritan Projects

I have been pleased to note (and in some cases contribute to) the proliferation of Puritan projects in recent years aimed at making more accessible the works of select Puritans. I wish to highlight here the projects I am aware of, and I hope that any such projects not listed here will be brought to my attention. I commend the labors of all involved.

The Westminster Assembly Project
The Westminster Shorter Catechism Project
Encyclopedia Puritannica Project
The Matthew Poole Project
The Matthew Henry Project
The Stephen Charnock Project
The Timothy Cruso Project
The William Perkins Works Project
The Ussher Project
The Roger Morris Entring Book Project
1599 Geneva Bible Restoration Project
Cotton Mather Biblia Americana Project


  1. Andrew:

    There is also the Puritan Project, in Brazil.
    The work was led by Olin Coleman, now deceased.

    or just Google "Puritan Project"

    -Wayne Sparkman

  2. Great links, Andrew! Thank you!