Thursday, August 20, 2009

What True Godliness Is

Willem Teellinck, The Path of True Godliness (2003 DRTS edition), pp. 32, 37, 40:

What True Godliness Is

True godliness is a gift of God by which man is made willing and able to serve God. He no longer lives according to the lusts of the flesh, as the ungodly do, but according to the will of God, revealed to us in his Word. For this reason, the godly life, in which we give ourselves over to the service of God so that we live no longer for ourselves but for God, is called our reasonable service. That means we regulate our service to God according to the direction of the reasonable "milk" of God's Word, not according to our own notion or understanding (1 Peter 2:2).

They who sincerely render this reasonable service show in every respect how much they value, highly esteem, and treasure the Lord their God. Because these godly people (and they alone!) make the things of God their chief occupation in every way, they regulate and direct their whole conduct accordingly. They show thereby to the whole world that they subordinate all their own interests to the Word of the Lord and to his holy will, to their honor and to his service. This true godliness, which magnifies the Lord our God in every respect (which is how it shows itself), consists mainly of three things, three holy exercises, which we will now consider.

True Godliness Shows Itself in Three Ways

A Sincere Resolve to Live a Godly Life, according to God's Word, from Henceforth
One Does His Utmost to Carry Out His Hearty Resolve
One Prepares to Be What God Intends Him to Be

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