Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Marrow Reprinted

Thanks to Christian Focus Publications (HT: M. Jay Bennett) for republishing Edward Fisher's Puritan classic, The Marrow of Modern Divinity. This edition includes the invaluable notes of Thomas Boston, as well as an Introduction by Philip Ryken and an historical Introduction by William Vandoodewaard. This book has an important place in the theology and history of the Christian Church, and will, I trust, be a blessing to 21st century readers too.


  1. A facsimile reprint of The Marrow with Boston's notes was already available from Kessinger. I got it on Amazon, and am currently reading it. It is printed with his (Boston's) commentary on the first half of the Shorter Catechism.

  2. That's true, and facsimile reprints from Kessinger (or Public Domain Reprints which can reprint most things available, such as the Marrow, directly from Google Books or the Internet Archive) are good when you don't have the option of a real new edition. In this case, the last edition of the Marrow that was published to my knowledge was the 1991 hardback limited-issue collector's edition by Still Water Revival Books (it is listed in Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson's "Meet the Puritans"). So this new edition is worth noting, I believe.