Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Truth-It In Love

I was reading Thomas Manton's preface to Smectymnuus Redivivus (that is, the second edition of Smectymnuus, first published in 1641 and re-issued in 1653 or 1654), which is found in volume 5 of Manton's Works, and came across an artful Mantonian turn of phrase that is worth noting here because it reinforces what the Apostle Paul teaches. The editor of Manton's Works footnotes the Greek phrase "speaking the truth in love" and attributes it to Eph. 4.14, though it is actually from the following verse (Eph. 4.15).

Speaking of the benefit to be gained by republishing the work on ecclesiastical polity at this seasonable time (following the publication of Jus Divinum Ministerii Evangelici, or The Divine Right of the Gospel-Ministry (1654) by the London Provincial Assembly which cites Smectymnuus often) when "there is greater freedom of debate, without noise and vulgar prejudice," Manton concludes:

I hope, that by the review of these matters we shall come to know more of the Lord's counsel for the ordering of his house; or at least that, by weighing what may be said on all sides, we shall learn more to truth-it in love, which is the unfeigned desire of him who is thine in the Lord,

Tho. Manton.

God grant that we may all strive to likewise "truth-it in love" in all of our Christian discourse.

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