Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christ the Beloved

Samuel Davies, Collected Poems of Samuel Davies, pp. 94-95, quoted by Maureen Bradley, Worthy is the Lamb: Puritan Poetry in Honor of the Savior (Don Kistler and Joel Rishel, eds.), pp. 167-168:

Christ the Beloved

Let others let their passions rove
Round all the earth, from shore to shore;
Since Jesus is my friend and love,
My utmost wish can grasp no more.

His glories have allured my eye,
And into love transformed my heart;
To Him my tenderest passions fly;
Jesus, nor shall they e'er depart.

Upon His friendship I rely,
Still of His tender care secure;
My wants are all before His eye!
Nor can they overcome His pow'r.

His presence fills unbounded space;
My heavenly friend is always nigh.
Full of compassion, rich in grace;
Touched with the tenderest sympathy.

Faithful and constant is His love,
And my ungrateful conduct hides;
Safe to the happy world above,
The meanest of His friends He guides.

Amid the agonies of death,
And terrors of the final doom,
He saves them from almighty wrath,
And leads the helpless pilgrims home.

Oh, may an everlasting flame
Of love possess my grateful mind!
And my last breath adore His name,
Who condescends to be my friend!

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