Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Pair

The following is a poem written by Philip Henry upon the occasion of his son Matthew's wedding.

Philip Henry, "Advice to the Rev. Matthew Henry, and Mrs. Henry, newly married, 1687."

Dear pair, whom God hath now of two made one,
Suffer a father's exhortation.
In the first place see, that with joint endeavour,
You set yourselves to serve the Lord together.
You are yok'd to work, but for work, wages write,
His yoke is easy, and his burden light.
Love one another, pray oft together, and see
You never both together angry be.
If one speak fire; t'other with water come;
Is one provok'd? be t'other soft or dumb.
Walk low, but aim high, spotless be your life,
You are a minister, and a minister's wife.
Therefore as beacons, set upon a hill,
To angels and to men a spectacle.
Your slips will falls be call'd, your falls, each one
Will be a blemish to religion.
Do good to all, be affable and meek,
Your converse must be preaching all the week.
Your garb and dress must not be vain and gay;
Reckon good works your richest, best array.
Your house must be a Bethel, and your door
Always stand open to relieve the poor.
Call your estate God's, not your own, engrave
Holiness to the Lord on all you have.
Count upon suffering, or you count amiss,
Sufficient to each day its evil is;
All are born once to trouble, but saints twice,
And, as experience shows, ministers thrice.
But if you suffer with and for your Lord,
You'll reign with him according to his word.

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