Saturday, October 10, 2009

J. Renwick Wright (1918-2009)

Dr. J. Renwick Wright (1918-2009), an Ulsterman, a godly minister in the Reformed Presbyerian Church of Ireland and the Reformed Prebyterian Church of North America, and a Professor of New Testament Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, has entered into glory. He passed away on October 8. He lived a full life and left a goodly legacy. For more about his life and the impressions he made upon one of his student, please see this moving obituary by my friend Doug Comin published in the Pittsburgh Evangelical Examiner on October 10, 2009.


  1. Andrew, my friend from college is his granddaughter, so I sent her a link to your post.
    I met Dr. Wright at church years ago, and he was a very nice man. God's covenant faithfulness is very evident in Dr. Wright's life, as he has so many godly grandchildren (they made up a large percentage of the student body at my college!).

  2. Thank you for sharing, Jessi. I met him too years ago at an RPCNA camp (Wabanna), and can also personally testify that he was a good man. Truly, his legacy lives on, as you say, in his godly grandchildren, that is a wonderful testimony to hear.

  3. Dr Wright was a godly man of the type that all that knew him should give account to by thanks to God for such a witness of Christ today and that should contribute to our own desire to honor Christ in our own conduct. Thank you Andrew for posting the bitter-sweet report. Such accounts help to punctuate the meaning of verses like Philippians 1:21. God bless you and your Family and we look forward to be in fellowship some day soon. AFCC&C, Tony