Thursday, October 1, 2009

John Angell James Anniversary

Today marks the 150th anniversary of a notable saint's entrance into glory: John Angell James, English nonconformist, who was born on June 6, 1785, died on October 1, 1859.

His writings have had enduring practical value for Christians over the last two centuries, and Quinta Press, in particular, is to be commended for his works available in print to modern readers, as is Dr. Don Kistler. Some of his works which are available online may be found referenced here. Treasures From John Angell James Volume 1 and Volume 2 capture some of the wit and wisdom from a multitude of his writings in one place.

John Angell James, Christian Progress: A Sequel to the Anxious Inquirer After Salvation, p. 69:

Christ is the chief object proposed to the sinner in the New Testament. The eye that sweeps round the whole circle of Divine truth must rest in Him as the centre.


  1. Quinta Press is the good work of my good old uncle Digby. Everyone go forth and purchase!

  2. I didn't realize he was your uncle, very cool! Cheers!