Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Huguenots

There is a rock band from my hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that caught my eye and ear some time ago. The Huguenots are now residents of Carrboro; their domicile is called "Château Huguenot." They are different than the punk rock band from Boston in the 1990's by the same name. I have not been to any of their concerts; but I like their song "Julia," in particular.

The Daily Tar Heel interviewed them in 2008 and the question was asked about their name.

Newspaper: Is the band’s naming a historical reference or does it have personal meaning?

William Moose: That’s funny; someone from another band asked us if we were a Christian band. And no, we are not expressly a Christian band....

Sam Logan: We had a couple names we were going through. I’m from Charleston and there are a lot of the Huguenots there.

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