Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MHCC 24: Cool in Our Own Cause, But Warm in God's

What a thing to consider how Moses, the meekest man, was kindled in his fury when he saw the children of Israel singing around the golden calf, so much so that he broke the tablets containing the ten commandments which he carried in his hand. Matthew Henry writes on Ex. 32.19:

See what a change it is to come down from the mount of communion with God to converse with a world that lies in wickedness. In God we see nothing but what is pure and pleasant, in the world nothing but pollution and provocation. Moses was the meekest man on the earth, and yet when he saw the calf, and the dancing, his anger waxed hot. Note, It is no breach of the law of meekness to show our displeasure at the wickedness of the wicked. Those are angry and sin not that are angry at sin only, not as against themselves, but as against God. Ephesus is famous for patience, and yet cannot bear those that are evil, Rev. ii.2. It becomes us to be cool in our own cause, but warm in God's.

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