Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Petitions in Spring

The following is an extract from Cotton Mather's diary from the period of 1715-1716:

Desideria Vernalia, or Petitions in Spring. -- Lord, let the Sun of Righteousness draw near unto me and let me be quickened, and revived, and made a new creature; and be made very fruitful by his benign and blessed influence.

Lord, let a glorious Christ return like the sun, to a miserable world, and bring a new face upon it, -- and produce upon it a new creation, and fill it with the fruits of righteousness.

Lord, let the hours of darkness grow shorter, and grow shorter with me.

Lord, let the "time of singing of birds" come on. Let thy Spirit fit me for, and fill me with, the Songs of the Redeemer. And let the songs of piety replenish the whole earth with a heavenly melody.

Lord, enable me with diligence to prosecute a divine husbandry, and with patience to wait for a good harvest of my endeavors to serve the kingdom of God. O, let light and joy be sown for us.

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  1. This is beautiful, Andrew. Thanks for posting.