Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meditation When We Go to Bed

William Hunnis, A Handful of Honeysuckles (1585):

Meditation When We Go to Bed

O Lord my God, I wandered have
As one that runs astray,
And have in thought, in word, and deed,
In idleness and play,
Offended sore thy Majesty,
In heaping sin to sin,
And yet thy mercy hath me spar'd,
So gracious hast thou been!
O Lord, my faults I know confess,
And sorry am therefore;
But not so much as fain I would:
O Lord, what wilt thou more?
It is thy grace must bring that spirit
For which I humbly pray,
And that this night thou me defend,
As thou hast done this day.
And grant, when these mine eyes and tongue
Shall fail through Nature's might,
That then the powers of my poor soul
May praise thee day and night.

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