Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Midnight Meditation

Rhys Prichard, The Morning Star, or, The Divine Poems of Rees Prichard, p. 257:

A Midnight Meditation

How proper, and how sweet a thing,
It is with all the heart to sing
To God at midnight, when the rest,
Of mortals are with sleep opprest!

How good, how grateful, and how right,
To praise him with the dawning light,
And meditate with active mind
On the attributes to God assign'd?

The body, sunk in sleep, to raise,
And with a serious heart to praise
The Godhead, is a deed most right,
And fills the soul with vast delight:

As 'tis, like David, to arise
When midnight darkens all the skies,
And without ceasing to applaud
For his kind aid, the Lord our God:

Bearing his mercies still in mind --
His various favours to mankind --
And patience shewn to sinful man,
At all times since the world began:

Giving at our bedside to God,
For all the goodness He has show'd;
Most hearty thanks for evermore,
Whilst other heedless mortals snore.

All glory, honour, thanks, and might,
And adoration, day and night,
Be to the eternal Godhead paid,
For his unceasing care and aid!

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