Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Songs to Make

An extract dated August 11, 1694, from the Memoirs; or, Spiritual Exercises of Elizabeth West, a Scottish Covenanter diarist and poet, pp. 12-13:

O thou my Lord, now see that I
In his name to thee come,
Who hath redeem'd me by his blood,
Jesus Christ is his name.
All praise and thanks unto the Lord
I shall for ever sing,
And give thee thanks for all thy works
And wonders thou hast done.

O Lord my God, how then shall I
Begin to speak of thee?
I'm like blind folk, that speak of things
That they did never see:
Come, help me then, O Lord my God,
If so I may thee call;
Give me thy blessing, give me grace,
And knowledge then withal.

So will I show what thou, O Lord,
Hast done for wretched me,
Who at thy hand deserv'd nothing
But death and misery.
When I was in a woeful state
Thou pity hadst on me,
And gave me help when trouble came;
All praise and thanks to thee!

I who did live in that sad case
Of wicked unbelief,
Which made me almost to despair,
And to cry, no relief!
O let come and wonder then
That mercy was so free!
The goodness of the Lord so great
To filthy wretched me!

Lord, ever blessed be thy name,
Glory be given to thee,
Praise let me sing to thy great name,
JEHOVAH, thanks to thee.
And let my tongue be ever still
In talking of thy love;
For it becomes me, while I live,
Thee to admire above.

O Lord, 'tis all I crave of thee,
While in this world I live,
To give me grace and wisdom to
Acknowledge what I have.
Because that thou hast suffer'd me
These little songs to make,
While I live, I will call on thee,
And for my Lord thee take.

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