Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Once Exclusively Sung

John H. Gerstner, Douglas F. Kelly and Philip Rollinson, A Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith: Commentary, pp. 104-105:

The singing of Psalms has also now just about died out. Originally Reformed churches only allowed congregational singing of the Psalms, because they were authentically and authoritatively Biblical and hence lacked the potential contamination of false teaching which might come from the mere human authorship of hymns. Subsequently, however, hymns (which are not even mentioned by the Confession) have been introduced into Reformed liturgical use and have virtually driven out what is mentioned and was once exclusively sung.


  1. It is wonderful to know that all over the world there are congregations of God's people who love to sing His praises in His psalms.

    Andrew, I really like your blog template. It is very "you".

  2. Amen, sister! And thank you, I'm glad you like. The picture was taken by a friend who recently (this month) visited the Skyline Drive, which is close to where I live. I imagine the scene is a window in my library. I hope you are doing well, Ruby. God bless!

  3. the scene is beautiful. It was actually the book case background which I thought suited you to a tee!

  4. Grinning bookishly, er, sheepishly. Thanks, I do love books! :)