Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spokesmen for Christ

Robert Wodrow, Analecta, or Materials for a History of Remarkable Providences, Vol. 3, pp. 3-4:

I hear there was a certain merchant came from London to Saint Andrews in Fife, where he heard first the greatly and worthy Mr. [Robert] Blair preach. Next he heard the great [Samuel] Rutherford preach. Next Lord's day he came to Irwin and heard Mr. [David] Dickson preach. When he came back to London, his friends asked him what news he had from Scotland? He answered, he had very great and good news to tell them. They wondered much what they could be, for he was before that time a man altogether a stranger to true religion. He told them he heard one Mr. Blair preach, at Saint Andrews; and, describing his features, and the stature of his body, he said, 'That man shewed me the majesty of God,' which was Mr. Robert Blair's peculiar talent: Then added he, 'I afterward heard a little fair man preach,' (Mr. Rutherford,) 'and that man shewed me the loveliness of Christ: Then I came and heard, at Irwin, a well-favoured, proper old man, with a long beard,' (which was famous Mr. Dickson,) 'and that man shewed me all my heart!' -- for he was the most famed of any man in his time to speak of cases of conscience. And they say that Englishman became an excellent Christian. The whole General Assembly of the Church of Scotland could not have given a better character of these three men than that man gave.

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