Saturday, June 5, 2010

Think So's

It is a dangerous thing to stray from the sure foundation of God's Word. To proceed on one's own course without a divine warrant is to act without faith, which is sin (Rom. 14.23), because faith is grounded not upon and good intentions and guesses and wishful thinking but upon the Word of the Lord. It is not enough, in the sphere of worship, to not take away from God's Word, but we must not add to it either (Deut. 4.2, 12.32), and so enmesh ourselves in vain will worship (Col. 2.23). While we must all confess that our faith is weak, and beseech God for greater faith, even our weak faith must take care to remain anchored upon that sure foundation of Christ and his Word. If our moorings are undone, so are our vessels. There are no "think so's" in godly divinity; that is playing with fire before the God with whom we have to do (Heb. 4.13).

John Collinges, in Matthew Poole's English Annotations on Rev. 19.10, when John fell at the Angel's feet:

And he said unto me, See thou do it not; but the angel doth not only refuse it, but with some indignation; ...Have a care you do it not. From whence we may observe, what a fig leaf they have made to cover the papists’ idolatry, in worshipping the bread in the eucharist, who (to show us their great skill in divinity) think they may be excused from idolatry in it, because they think the bread is turned into the body of Christ; idolatry is not to be excused by think so’s.

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