Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Covenanter's Study

"Life of the Author" in James Durham, The Dying Man's Testament to the Church of Scotland: or, A Treatise Concerning Scandal (1740), p. xviii:

[James Durham] gave himself much to reading, for which Cause and that he might be free of all Disturbance of the Family, &c. he caused build a Study for himself on the Head of the Stair of his House in the Country, which yet remains standing, tho' all the rest of that great House be pulled down. In this little Chamber he gave himself continually to Prayer, Reading and Meditation, and was so close a Student there, that he oft forgot to eat his Bread; and was sometimes so intent on his Studies, that Servants who were sent to call him down, have often returned without Answer, yea, his Lady was frequently obliged to call on him with Tears to open and come down, before he would come; such sweet Communion he had with the Lord in that Place at sometimes.

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