Thursday, July 1, 2010

MHCC 30: Six-Month Progress Report

Since I commenced the Matthew Henry Commentary Challenge on January 1, 2010, I thought it would be useful to give a little personal progress report six months later. I must frankly admit that I began well, and read much and often. It was a daunting task to read the entire commentary of Matthew Henry along with the Bible itself, and I have slowed down after a quick start out of the gate, especially for a period in which my schedule became quite busy. I was not able to stick with the reading plan kindly prepared by Wayne Sparkman; I am now at Number 21. I am currently reading usually one chapter per day, and that seems to be the right speed for me, as it allows me to meditate upon the text appropriately, which was my initial goal. I am coming to better understand both the mind of God, by his grace, and the mind of Matthew Henry, as I read along.

I have both on my blog and on the Matthew Henry Commentary Challenge Facebook page endeavored to share some of the special gems I have found along the way in this masterpiece. Others have too on the Facebook page, for which I am very grateful. I know that some have discontinued the Challenge, and that is just fine with me. My goal was to encourage people to pick up his commentary and read, tolle lege, and regardless of how far along readers are, or whether the reading has been laid aside, I am glad if others have been exposed to his devotional wisdom. I have found thus far four daily devotionals based on his commentary, and if any wish to even now take up Matthew Henry and read, these devotionals are a good way to begin. I know that it has been a rich blessing for me, and will continue to be so. God grant me the grace to persevere, and indeed God bless all who have taken up the Challenge, for I think that we are all the better for it.

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  1. I, too find that one chapter a day is perfect, and Matthew Henry gives me much to meditate on through the rest of the day. I found reading more than that, lost some of the value for me. I'd rather take 4 years to read it, and remember what I read, than reach the finish line quickly and have little of it remain. Thanks for the challenge. This is one of the most encouraging books I have read in a long time, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to any who still wish to take up the challenge.