Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Ross-Shire Sabbath

John Kennedy of Dingwall, The Days of the Fathers in Ross-Shire, chap. IV, on a Ross-Shire Sabbath:

On Sabbath they all meet in the house of God. The Lord himself is in the midst of them; the word is rightly divided; hungry souls are fed with "the finest of the wheat;" some of "the whole" are wounded; and some of the wounded ones are healed. The public service over, the people return to their homes; and by the way, they form into companies around some of the Lord's people, who are speaking of the sermon, and bring again, before themselves and others, the precious lessons which it furnished. In the evening district meetings are held, each presided over by an elder, or by some man of repute for godliness. After prayer and praise, and the reading of a portion of Scripture, a certain number of the questions of the Shorter Catechism are asked and answered, and notes of the sermons, heard during the day, are repeated. Time is allowed for family duties, and in many a household, the incense of prayer and praise ascends from the family altar to God. Such was an ordinary Ross-shire Sabbath in the good days of the Fathers.

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