Sunday, August 1, 2010

While I Was Musing the Fire Burned

Thomas Watson, The Ten Commandments (extracted from A Body of Divinity), p. 105:

Meditating on a Lord's-day morning on Christ's love, would kindle love in our hearts to him. How can we look on his bleeding and dying for us and our hearts not be warmed with love to him? Love is the soul of religion, the purest affection. It is not rivers of oil, but sparks of love that Christ values. And sure, as David said, 'While I was musing the fire burned' (Psa 39:3), so, while we are musing of Christ's love in redeeming us, the fire of our love will burn towards him; and then the Christian is in a blessed Sabbath-frame, when, like a seraphim, he is burning in love to Christ.

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  1. I love Thomas Watson. I just did a family devotion on this very topic yesterday (Sunday evening).