Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Have the Psalms Done?

George W. Robinson, "The Psalms in History," in John McNaugher, ed., The Psalms in Worship, pp. 515-516:

If it were asked, "What have the Psalms done?" I would answer, for one thing, they have made men -- men of heroic mold, of lofty faith, of fearless soul, who bowed the knee to none save God, and loved their liberty more than they loved their lives. Of them it might be said, as Lelievre, the Frenchman, writes of the Huguenots -- for the character of Puritan and Huguenot was of the same fine moral fiber: "The effect of the Psalms on the character of the Huguenots was wonderful. They nourished the moral life of a race of men such as the world will perhaps never see again." Yes, the world would be infinitely poorer without these Puritans -- worshipers of God, haters of unrighteousness, singers of Psalms, great nation-builders.

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  1. The Psalms are certainly a wonderful way to learn God's Word, hide it in our hearts and worship our God. It is always stirring to read of men of faith and women who have gone to a martyr's death with these precious words on their lips.
    Andrew, not sure what is different but your blog is very hard for me to get onto at the moment. Perhaps you have a lot more stuff added to download. I'm not sure but it is also a bit jerky when scrolling down which happened to mine when the blogger in draft thingy came in.