Monday, October 25, 2010

Tune the Heart, If Not the Voice

Thomas Fuller, Good Thoughts in Bad Times, pp. 5-6:

Lord, my voice by nature is harsh and untuneable, and it is vain to lavish any art to better it. Can my singing of psalms be pleasing to thy ears, which is unpleasant to my own? yet though I cannot chant with the nightingale, or chirp with the blackbird, I had rather chatter with the swallow,* yea, rather croak with the raven, than be altogether silent. Hadst thou given me a better voice, I would have praised thee with a better voice. Now what my music wants in sweetness, let it have in sense, singing praises with understanding.** Yea, Lord, create in me a new heart (therein to make melody),*** and I will be contented with my old voice, until thy due time, being admitted into the choir of heaven, I have another, more harmonious, bestowed upon me.

* Isa. 38.14
** Ps. 47.7
*** Eph. 5.19

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