Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Prayer of the Righteous

Peter Martyr, Sacred Prayers Drawn From the Psalms of David, p. 5:

From Psalm 1:

Take away from us, O great and good God, wicked plans and their attendant sins. Do not let us fall into an evil and shameful life. Likewise keep our souls far from contemning piety and scorning virtues. Instead of these plagues grant that we may constantly meditate on your law and your sacred writings. Then we will not, like the wicked, be carried about by every wind of impulse and doctrine as are light flakes of dust and worthless rubbish. Rather like trees planted by streams of water, endowed with faith and the life of the spirit, may we also bear the outward fruit of good works, and may whatever we do prosper and give praise and glory to your name and add to our salvation. Finally may we, in accord with your mercy, both stand up and be absolved before the court of your judgment after the wicked have already fallen. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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