Monday, November 1, 2010

The Spurgeon Collection Updated

Good news from the UK! Last year I was pleased to highlight the 10-volume DVD set produced by Satch Chikhlia of Book Academy known as "The Spurgeon Collection." This includes 1) one volume containing a vast amount of the works of Charles Spurgeon; 2) five volumes containing the works cited in Spurgeon's famous Commenting & Commentaries; and 3) four volumes of works known as The Puritan Library, a wealth of Puritan gems.

Now I am pleased to report that both individual volumes are for sale, as well as the five-volume set covering the works cited in Commenting & Commentaries, and the four-volume Puritan Library, sold as discrete units.

I encourage readers, lovers of the Puritans, Spurgeon and godly literature, to visit Satch's website, The Book Academy, for more information on this invaluable collection, including its contents and pricing. It will be well worth the visit.

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