Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bear One Another's Burdens

John Boys, "Mutual Support," in The Works of John Boys, p. 949:

Charity, which is so strictly commanded in the Law, and so highly magnified in the Gospel, is seen in doing more than saying, and in suffering more than in doing: for our whole Christian life properly consists in bearing, and that not only burdens of our own, which is said in this Chapter [Galatians 6] at the first Verse, every man shall bear his own burden, but also burdens of others, as our present text [Gal. 6.2], bear one another's burdens.
Christians are strangers and pilgrims in the wilderness of this world, traveling to their home, which is the holy land, and the heavenly Jerusalem above. Look then as travelers used by the way to cheer up one another, and to bear part of one another's burden, as occasion is offered: even so Christians ought to support one another, holding up such as are ready to fall, and raising up such as are already fallen. It is our duty not to lay scandals and blocks in the passage, but on the contrary, to strengthen all such as journey with us in the path of Paradise, by wholesome counsel and good examples. Our words must minister grace to them, and our light so shine before them, as that seeing our good works, and walking after our pattern, they may finish their course with happiness, and rest in everlasting habitations.

A Pastor ought to be (quoth Paul) a pattern; but every master in his private family is both a King, a Prophet and a Priest: a King to govern his household, a Prophet to teach his household, a Priest to pray for his household, it is his burden to bear their burdens as he who shall one day give up an account for them all.

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