Friday, December 10, 2010

Books for People of the Book

For some time I have been preparing a list of worthwhile books for the Christian reader. This project was born out of a desire to create a guide to reading the best, most profitable and useful literature, arranged topically, for those interested in Reformed theology and the liberal arts. It is my answer to the question, "Which books do you think the ordinary educated Christian reader would do well to know?" It is admittedly subjective, yet it is the result of not only my own experience in filtering out the wheat from the tares, but also the product of much consultation. It is also long, at this time 36 pages total, the first seven of which comprise the introduction. The introduction will refer the reader to the resources upon which my list was drawn, as well as other hopefully useful points of consideration. This list is intended as both an incentive and a guide to further reading, not a "must read" curriculum. To quote Richard Baxter, "It is not the reading of many books to make a man wise or good, but the well-reading of a few, could he be sure to have the best." These, therefore, represent a list of those "best" or "choice" books, which in the humble opinion of this fellow reader and writer would most serve towards that end. I have included some titles by writers antithetical to the Christian faith, with the proviso that it is good to "know thy enemy" and to be able to respond suitably to such challenges. But primarily, the criteria by which each book was included was simply whether it will profit the Christian reader to know this book. The younger reader, it is hoped, will benefit especially from this guide or list by being exposed to older works that he or she might not otherwise come to know. I hope it will be a blessing to all who read, and encourage you, the reader, to further tolle lege, that is, "take up and read." Without further ado, here is the list.

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  1. Fantastic book list!!! That is a keeper for sure. And my favorite books are listed so I don't even have any recommendations to add at the moment. Thanks for sharing it.