Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christian, Be Not Vexed

Willem Teellinck, Redeeming the Time, p. 36:

76. When you begin to consider the things which are happening all over the world, always remember that the Lord is working in them. He who can bring light out of darkness, will yet from the completed and combined work bring forth something glorious. Be not therefore too much vexed that there appears somewhere to come an ill stroke in your own affairs, or in the affairs of God's people in your day, as is now the case; for the Lord would not permit this to take place, did He not mean to use it as a background to give the whole work a more beautiful lustre.

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  1. What a lovely word of encouragement!!! I should post that on my fridge. I remember reading the "Redeeming the Time' booklet by Willem Teellinck many years ago and was so blessed in learning about proper time management for Christ's Kingdom. Thanks for posting this uplifting word today.