Friday, February 18, 2011

A Mother's Heritage

Thomas Manton once wrote, "Families are societies that must be sanctified to God as well as Churches; and the governors of them have as truly a charge of the souls that are therein, as pastors have of the Churches....Especially women should be careful of this duty [of training and catechizing children in the true religion]; because as they are most about their children, and have early and frequent opportunities to instruct them, so this is the principal service they can do to God in this world, being restrained from more publick work."

The importance of the role of mothers in the care of the souls of children should never be underestimated. That is why, I am pleased to recommend the blog of a dear friend of mine: A Mother's Heritage by Mrs. Jenny Ervin. My wife Jessica, and Jenny, have been friends for almost two decades, and I have known her husband and my good friend and former roommate Steve for almost 20 years as well. Steve and I left North Carolina together and drove to Texas 16 years ago, where we both got married to our respective Southern Belles. Readers will certainly be interested to read the story of the Ervin courtship and marriage here. Today the Ervins are blessed with 6 living children outside the womb, one on the way, and four who never saw the light of day but have gone to be with the Lord. Yet I would like to highlight this particular blog not because of the ties of friendship but because it is a valuable contribution to mothers everywhere who are in need of spiritual and practical encouragement in the precious work to which they are called.

A Mother's Heritage was just launched last month, but already contains a rich storehouse of wisdom on matters ranging from homeschooling and child-rearing to miscarriage and depression, important issues for all of us to consider and deal with, but especially so for mothers. Jenny freely confesses that she is a

struggling sinner, who looks to the Lord whose mercies are new every morning. I have suffered from depression, am not a morning person (really, not a morning person) and have a huge bag of unmatched socks in my closet. I am in the journey right along with other moms of many. I am an ordinary mom, but have an extraordinary God!

This is not a supermom blog. This is a not a blog of a perfect mother with a perfect family. If that is what you are looking for then you will be sorely disappointed.

It is a person with this sort of humility with whom one is willing to laugh and cry, and Jenny invites readers to share the journey of a Christian mother with her. I am thankful for her as a friend, and I am sure that others will be blessed to read along with her, and learn as she is learning, how to glorify God as a mother to the good of those around her. It is the better part of wisdom to seek out those who have walked the walk. I am privileged to recommend the blog of a godly mother to you, dear reader, and am sure that those who follow along will be blessed. I am thankful for mothers, including my own mother, and my wonderful wife. We all need encouragement, and Jenny's blog is a true encouragement to mothers everywhere.

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