Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MHCC 44: When the Day Star Shines

Matthew Henry on Job 15.15:

The heavens are not clean in his sight. If the stars (says Mr. Caryl) have no light in the sight of the sun, what light has the sun in the sight of God!

Joseph Caryl on Job 15.15:

God is so clear-sighted, that the cleanest creatures are uncleane in his sight; the very cleannesses of the creature, is uncleannesse before him, much more compared to him. For if one creature may be so cleane, that another creature which is cleane may be sayd to have no cleannesse in comparison of it: Then surely God is so cleane, that the cleanest creatures have indeed no cleannesse in comparison of his. The Stars are very beautifull bodies, and full of light, yet the Sunne hath so much light, that it darkens all the Stars, and causeth them to disappeare, when it appeareth: Now if the Starres have no light in the sight of the Sunne, what light hath the Sunne in the sight of God? he that puts all the perfections that the creature hath into the creature, hath infinitely more perfection in himselfe: Those excellencies which are divided and scattered all the Creation over, are not onely contracted and manifested in God, but unconceiveably exceeded by him.

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