Monday, August 8, 2011

New Matthew Poole Synopsis Volume (Leviticus) Is Now Available

"Rabbi Assi said: 'Why do young children commence [their studies] with the Book of 'The Law of Priests', and not with the Book of Genesis? - Surely it is because young children are pure, and the sacrifices are pure; so let the pure come and engage in the study of the pure.'" (Leviticus Rabbah 7:3)

Although in a former, and perhaps wiser, age, the Jews began the religious instruction of their children with the Book of Leviticus, it has been largely neglected by the modern Church. This is a shame, for in its pages Christ, His Priesthood, and His atoning sacrifice are set forth with a brilliance that makes a deep impression upon the mind and heart. It is a good season to recover this portion of the inheritance of God's people.

For the first time in English, Matthew Poole's Synopsis Criticorum on the Book of Leviticus is available (The Exegetical Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole: Volume 6: Leviticus). It is something of a verse-by-verse history of interpretation, surveying the opinions of the Jewish Rabbis, Church Fathers, Medieval Schoolmen, and Reformation-era Commentators and Theologians. The ascended Lord Jesus Christ promised to provide faithful teachers for His Church in all ages (Eph. 4.11-12): Matthew Poole's Synopsis Criticorum is a record of their teaching and testimony, a thing of surpassing value. For more information on the Matthew Poole Project, click here for a radio interview with the translator, Dr. Steven Dilday.

It is a good time to get acquainted with the Matthew Poole Project. All available volumes (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Revelation) have been marked down 20% by the publisher, and 20% by the printer (coupon code: SUMMERBOOKS); but these mark-downs will not last long so don't delay.

Visit the Matthew Poole Project website for more information and join us on Facebook as well.

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