Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Lost Francis Makemie Pictures

His face is on an Irish postage stamp, a famous historical painting, and on a statue that still stands in Accomac, Virginia. He is the "Father of American Presbyterianism," but how do we really know what Francis Makemie looked like? In fact, a painting was made of both Makemie and his wife while they were still living, presumably, but sadly they were lost in a fire in a Washington, DC neighborhood in 1831. All modern pictorial representations of Francis Makemie antedate the fire; therefore, his true likeness may have escaped our view. Yet, the story of the lost Makemie pictures, as told by Kirk Mariner, gives us intriguing hints that his spirit may have indeed been captured by the pictures we have today. In any case, Makemie is worthy of remembrance for his legacy still lives on.

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