Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Sale

A minister's library is a valuable treasure. My good friend, Dr. Jerry Crick, a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, went to be with the Lord last year. His widow is now selling portions of his library: book sets including, among various titles, the works of John Owen and B.B. Warfield. The list of sets available may be found here. If you are interested in making a purchase, please post a comment here with your name, email address and titles of interest, which I will be glad to forward to her. Your interest is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I'd be interested in Shedd's 3 volume Dogmatic Theology (if I could see a price quote of the other works – I may consider purchasing more). Incidentally, I'm looking for Solid Ground Books 2000 publication of A COMMENTARY ON REVELATION by James Durham (isbn: 1889058130). I contacted them – it’s out of print and I can only find it being sold for less than $125. Do you have a clue where I can get a reasonably priced copy? P.S. I have the SWRB Puritan and Reformation set of cd’s but the scan quality is not very food for this particular work.
    Chris Mangum