Sunday, September 15, 2013

Longing for God's Presence

John Wells, The Practical Sabbatarian, p. 386:

Let us long for God's presence. God loves affectionate proselytes. A longing David shall see a loving God, Psal. 63.1,2. The Spouse is restless after her Beloved, and thus she meets him, Cant. 3.1-4. The thirsting soul shall be fed with milk and wine, Isa. 55.1. Grace and Righteousness shall satisfy the hungry, Matt. 5.6. The Psalmist follows hard after God, Psalm 63.8. God meets with our pursuits, we shall then satisfy ourselves in God, when nothing but God can satisfy us. Cold suitors shall not meet with Christ in his espousals. When the wife longs, the husband endeavors after the thing longed for. Mary Magdalen bemoaned the taking away of her Lord, John 20.2. We may expect to meet with God, when his absence is our greatest moan, and his presence is our sweetest music. [edited for style]

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