Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stars in the Winter Sky

Isaac Ambrose, Prima, Media, & Ultima; The First, Middle, and Last Things, p. 133:

Upon sight of the Morning-sky, meditate, That if one Sun make so bright a Morning, what shining Morning will that be, when Christ the Sun of Righteousness shall appear, attended with all his bright Angels, Archangels, Cherubims, Seraphims, Bodies and Souls of Saints? When there shall be as many Suns on a Day, as there are Stars on a bright Winter’s Night.

John Willison, A Treatise Concerning the Sanctification of the Lord’s Day, p. 188:

If it be in a winter morning thou goest out, when the sun is but rising, think, if one sun make so bright a morning, what a shining morning will that be when Christ, with all his bright angels and saints, shall break through the clouds, when there shall be as many suns as we see stars in a winter’s night? O! shall I be one of those that “shall shine as the sun, in the kingdom of my Father?”

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