Monday, March 10, 2014

EPP has gone Kindle!

My friends at the Encyclopedia Puritannica Project (EPP) have made an exciting announcement, which I wish to share on this blog. After having made many wonderful Puritan and Reformed classic works available on CD format, the EPP has now gone mobile by expanding into the realm of Kindle. Their announcement notes:


The EPP is pleased to offer a selection of works, including many from the EPP CD, in Kindle format! These works have been released to the Kindle store and are available through Amazon.

Further works are planned for release, both through the Amazon Kindle store, and also as exclusives on the EPP site. Content planned for the EPP CD 4.0 will be released early on the Amazon Kindle store as well.

A sampling of the works currently available (and more are planned) at the EPP Amazon Kindle store include:

Anarchy In Worship (James Begg)
Calvinism And Arminianism (John Girardeau)
Christology Of John Owen, The (Richard Daniels)
Domestic Duties, Of (William Gouge)
Exposition Of Psalm 119, An (Charles Bridge)
Family Altar, The (Various Authors)
Practice Of Piety, The (Lewis Bayly)
Sabbath Defended, The (James Gilfillan)
Specimen Of Divine Truths (Abraham Hellenbroek)
Thoughts On Family Worship (James Alexander)
Thoughts On Religious Experience (Archibald Alexander)
Westminster Shorter Catechism Explained, The: Volume 1 of 2 (James Fisher, Ebenezer Erskine, Ralph Erskine)
Westminster Shorter Catechism Explained, The: Volume 2 of 2 (James Fisher, Ebenezer Erskine, Ralph Erskine)
William The Baptist (James Chaney)

Be sure to visit the EPP website and its new Amazon Kindle store for more details on this exciting development, and for future announcements as the Project advances its goal of making classic Reformed and Puritan literature more accessible to 21st century readers.

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