Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pray Me Full, Preach You Full

As was mentioned in a wonderful sermon preached tonight by Pastor Rob McCurley on Heb. 13.17, it is a saying among Dutch Reformed ministers to their congregants: "Pray me full, and I'll preach you full." What a true saying, which illustrates how much pastors -- and other church officers -- need and depend upon the prayers of the saints.

Another version of this sentiment is found in the old adage quoted by J.W. Alexander in his classic Thought on Family Worship, pp. 148-149:

The primary advantage of family-prayer to the church, is that it is answered. It is no small thing for any congregation to have daily cries for God's blessings on it ascending from a hundred firesides. What a spring of refreshment to a pastor! The family-devotions of praying Kidderminster, no doubt, made [Richard] Baxter a better minister, and a happier man; and it is possible that we are reaping the fruits of them, in his "Saints' Rest," and "Dying Thoughts." We have all heard of the preacher who told his flock that he had "lost his prayer-book," meaning their prayers; as also that good quaint saying of the last age, "A praying people makes a preaching minister." Such aid has been well compared to that of Aaron and Hur. Faithful and affectionate Christians never fail to remember their spiritual guide in their household supplications.

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  1. Hmm... very needful thoughts. We expect so much from our ministers. They need and appreciate our prayers, and I think our feedback, to continue on strong in the precious work God has given them.